6th District Officers of the Month 2016


Officer Jennifer Nemeth

Officer Jennifer Nemeth consistently shows superior motivation and is an experienced and successful investigator. Most notable during the month of January she made 26 arrests that have resulted in 119 charges; including 22 weapon offenses, 19 drug offenses and 11 burglary arrest she presented the Circuit Attorney’s Office.


Officers Regiana Moore & Elijah Simpson

On February 2nd, Officers Moore and Simpson, observed several subjects sitting in a car attempting to buy narcotics. One of the subjects fled on foot, after a short foot pursuit Officer Simpson detained the subject who was wanted for multiple burglaries and theft.
Officers Moore and Simpson located and arrested a subject after observing him and his partner attempting to burglarize a building. The subject was also for Assault 1st Degree and Armed Criminal Action. Officers Moore and Simpson had a total of 12 arrest including charges of Assault, Theft, Armed Criminal Action, Drugs, Liquor Offenses and Disturbances.
They were able to do this all while attending community meetings and teaching Gang Resistance Education And Training (GREAT) in St. Louis Public Schools to elementary and middle school students.


Officer Trenton Lee

Officer Trenton Lee led the district in weapon arrest with six original weapon violations. He also led in arrest  for possession of illegal drugs with 18 original charges and arrest. Officer Lee had a total of 14 arrests resulting in 33 charges.
He also developed information that has led to affidavits for search warrants. He is highly motivated and his enthusiasm motivates the officers he works with.


Officer Eric Armstead

Officer Armstead conducted a business interview at the Family Dollar Store, due to a rash of robberies their stores. Officer Armstead immediately observed a male subject wearing a white bullet proof vest with two handguns protruding from his waist band.  After notifying the dispatcher of his observations Officer Armstead successfully detained the subject with the assistance of arriving officers. It was later learned that the subject was operating a stolen vehicle and was in possesion of a large amount of marijuana. A search warrant was later done, which resulted in the seizure of even more marijuana.


Officers Trenton Lee & William Wethington

Officers Lee and Wethington conducted investigations into drug sales and weapon possession. Officers Lee and Wethington also conducted a search warrant on a subject, who was a convicted felon for weapons and drug offenses. The subject was found in possession of three handguns and a large amount of crack cocaine. The ATF adopted the case and the subject was prosecuted federally. Officers Lee and Wethington conducted another investigation into a subject for drugs and weapon sales and found the subject in possession of a handgun and a large amount of heroin. This case was also adopted by the ATF and the subject was prosecuted federally.


Officers Timothy Nolan & Andrew Brown

Officers Nolan and Brown are consistent leaders in the Sixth District in making “Quality” self-initiated felony arrest. Their totals for the month a tremendous radio assignments, 96 felony arrest, (most involving violent convicted felons and /or weapons related offenses), and 171 total charges associated with those arrest.


Officer Jeremiah Koerper

Officer Koerper received an assignment to assist on an Assault 1st shooting, where a 17 year old was shot in the neck and back. An unknown gunman opened fire on the victim’s vehicle which caused the driver to flee at a high rate of speed. The driver lost control of the vehicle and the vehicle became wedged between trees.
At great personal risk to himself Officer Koerper scaled a bluff and tended to the injured teen. Officer Koerper applied pressure to slow the bleeding while encouraging the woman, who was in and out of consciousness. Officer Koerper’s first aid kept the woman from bleeding out until EMS arrived on scene. Because of his heroic efforts, the victim survived the incident.


Officer Earnest Williams

Officer Williams is an amazing Officer and public servant.  He dedicated forty years to serving the citizens of St. Louis. His influence has shaped commanders, supervisors and officers. The example Officer Williams set, benefited this Department for years. Officer Williams came to work every day with a great attitude and was always willing to assist young officers with their task of serving our community. For the month of September, he answered 170 radio assignments, and wrote 50 police reports. Officer Williams is a great asset to the citizens he served every day.


Officer Jeremiah Koerper

Officer Koerper affected the arrest of a convicted felon where two guns were seized as well as 72 grams of heroin, 20 grams of crack cocaine, a small quantity of methamphetamine and numerous packages of marijuana. During this incident, the officer was assaulted by the suspect, who accelerated his vehicle toward parked cars and a light post while dragging the officer alongside the speeding vehicle. The suspect repeatedly told the officer he would kill him. Officer Koerper was able to keep composed while recognizing the risk to his life. Officer Koerper was able to take measures to save his own life, fighting the driver while trying to gain control the vehicle. Upon slamming the gear shifter into park, the vehicle stopped abruptly, allowing Officer Koerper to apply a hold of the driver. The struggl continued as the suspect attempted to retrieve a handgun form under the driver seat, and Officer Koerper fought for his life until assisting officers arrived. The officer’s actions certainly saved his own life while removing a violent offender from the community.


Officer Nicholas Henderson

Officers Henderson goes above and beyond in his willingness to help the people of the district by his professional attitude and his ability to empathize with our victims and the citizens in the community. Officer Henderson has made several on view felony arrest while also doing more than his share of radio assignments. He serves the community with distinction and pride and is an asset to the City of St. Louis.


Officers Shelby Dittmar & Wesley McCormick

Officers Dittmar and McCormick arrested a subject for illegal possession of a gun, who was also wanted for Assault 1st. A further investigation of the gun revealed it to be used in a 2nd incident of Assault 1st. Later that month, Officer Dittmar and McCormick arrested a wanted subject for Burglary 1st, two counts of Burglary 2nd, Domestic Assault 3rd and Property Damage 2nd. Officers Dittmar and McCormick’s diligent work also led to the apprehension of career criminal burglar in the Baden neighborhood. Later that month, Officers observed suspicious activity in the Mark Twain neighborhood where they conducted surveillance of a narcotics transaction, and took four suspects into custody, seizing a .25 caliber handgun.

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