5th District Officers of the Month 2016


Officers Reginald Jones, Colin Regan, and David Moore

In January 2016, Officers Jones, Regan and Moore responded to a call for a "Shooting", discovered a man was shot and was inside the residence.  The officers gave no hesitation and as they moved toward the residence to apprehend the gunman, he suddenly emerged from the front door firing shots. The officers, in defense of the victims and themsleves, returned fire, strking the gunman and allowing them to take him into custody.


Officers Samuel Stewart and Marlon Johnson

During the month of February 2016 Officers Stewart and Johnson were leaders in the 5th district in providing services to the community. They made multiple notable arrests including, Assault 2nd, and three different cases for possession of illegal drugs. The officers also recognized and apprehended a subject wanted for Robbery 1st, which resulted in this subject being identified by the victim and receiving a $100,000 cash bond. Despite the time needed to handle their multiple arrests, the officers also handled an impressive 377 calls for police service.


Officer Martinous Walls

During the month of May 2016 Officer Walls made multiple arrests and was a leader in responding for calls for police service. Most notably, during the month Officer Walls made two separate gun arrests. In both cases the subjects were convicted felons. Officer Walls is an extremely hard working police officer and is at the top of every category, every month.


Officer Fabian Thomas

In April 2016 Officer Thomas excelled in providing tremendous service to the community. Officer Thomas made several notable felony arrests; most notable was the arrest of a man in a stolen car, who was also in possession of illegal drugs and the arrest of a woman with a gun who flourished the employees of a local business. Officer Thomas is an excellent police officer and dedicated to the community he serves.


Officer Lawrence Kreisman

Officer Kreisman, a vetern police officer, who has been the reciepant of multiple awards from this department, continues to lead by example. During the month of May, 2016, Officer Kreisman made multiple excellent arrrests. Two of these arrests were very notable. One incident Officer Kreisman observed a man acting suspiously. He quickly stopped to investigate and discovered the man to be in illegal possiession of a gun. A second incident Officer Kreisman quickly responded for a burgalry in progress and after an extensive search of the property he located the subject hiding and took him into custody. This resulted in tying this subject to eight other recent burglaries.


Officer Christopher Myers

Officer Myers Continues to serve this community at the highest level each month, without pause. June 2016 he did so with great excellence making multiple felony arrest. Included in these arrests were five charges for possession of illegal drugs, robbery 1st, armed criminal action, two charges for illegal possesion of a gun and multiple other charges.


Officers Dustin Boone and Lawrence Kreisman

In July Officer Boone and Kreisman made multiple arrests, but most notably made the following arrests: The officers quickly responded to a call for burglary and located a suspect, who fled from them on foot. They gave chase, caught the subject and recovered $1500 worth of stolen property. Later in the month, the officers attempted to stop a suspicious suspect, who fled on foot. The officers gave chase and quickly caught the subject, who was found to be in possession of illegal drugs and a cellular phone belonging to a victim of a recent robbery. Relative to this case the officers then located a vehicle taken in a carjacking. The officers received consent to search the residence affiliated with this incident and located a handgun believed to be used in the robbery.


Officers Chris Myers and Martinous Walls

Officers Walls and Myers have teamed up to provide tremendous service to the community . This service has resulted in an amazing month of police work. The officers made four illegal gun arrests, two of the guns were found to be stolen, and they made five arrest for  illegal possession of drugs, and one arrest for a subject in a stolen car. Not content there, the officers also arrested several other subjects for various warrants for their arrest and later arrested a subject for Assault  1st.


Officer Chris Myers

Officer Myers is a hard-working officer who strives each day to provide the best service to the community. These efforts place him at the top every month. September 2016 was no different as Officer Myers led the district in calls for police assistance with 300, 10 arrests with 14 felony charges, for a grand total of 39 criminal charges. He also assisted in the arrest of 9 other persons.


Officer Joseph Scalzo

Officer Scalzo received a radio assignment for a “Noise Complaint” after a short investigation, Officer Scalzo arrested a subject with active warrants for Tampering 1st and Receiving Stolen Property. A search of the subject revealed the suspect was in possession of illegal drugs. The subject was a convicted felon, and had a criminal history of Stealing of a Motor Vehicle, Tampering 1st, Receiving Stolen Property, Burglary 2nd, Stealing Over $500 and Resisting Arrest.


Officers Joseph Scalzo and Robert Stafford

Officers Scalzo and Stafford accumulated, through their investigations, a total of 11 arrests, many of which were violent and repeat offenders. Through these investigations, they seized 6 guns, various quantities of illegal drugs and totaled 30 felony charges during the month of November.


Officers Michael Flatley and Kyle Santa 

Officers Flatley and Santa played a pivotal role in the apprehension of several dangerous felons engaged in a violent crime spree.  On December 5th, the officers monitored radio broadcast relative to the tracking of a phone taken during a string of crimes that occurred on the same day. Officers Flatley and Santa responded to the area where they observed a vehicle which contained multiple subjects. The vehicle which had been stolen from a pizza delivery driver hours earlier, fled from the officers. After a short pursuit, the vehicle was involved in an accident and the suspects fled on foot, the suspects were quickly apprehended. Further investigation revealed the suspects in this case were responsible for numerous armed robberies, vehicle thefts, and car break ins.

Officer of the Year

Officer Christopher Myers

Officers Myers was a 3-time winner of Officer of the Month in 2016! During the 2016 year, he handled 3,111 radio assignments, made 66 arrest totaling 76 felony charges and 228 total criminal charges along with assisting other officers on 77 additional arrests. Officer Myers was routinely at the top of all recorded statistics every month and at years’ end, he led officers in nearly all these category’s. Officer Myers also makes an effort to engage with the community and volunteer for community events and functions throughout the year.

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